GCX marathon Prizing Information

Raffle Items

100x St. Jude PLAY LIVE GCX Astro A40 (2021 and 2022 Models)

40x St Jude PLAY LIVE Mousepads

40x St. Jude PLAY LIVE 28oz Tumblers

25x Drop CTRL Custom Keyboards

25x Logitech Bundles (G Pro Mouse, G Pro Keyboard, Yeti X, Mousepad)

25x St. Jude PLAY LIVE Scarves

25x St. Jude PLAY LIVE Shaker Bottles

20x St. Jude PLAY LIVE Secret Lab Chairs

10x Destiny 2 “The Stranger” 10in Statues

10x HyperX Cloud II

10x Inked Gaming Marathon Mousepads

10x Logitech Bundles (G705 Mouse, G735 Headset, G715 Keyboard, Yeti Mic, StreamCam, Litra Beam)

10x St. Jude Art Basel T-shirt

10x St. Jude Art Basel Hoodie

10x St. Jude PLAY LIVE Chrome Industries Bags

10x St. Jude PLAY LIVE Skate Decks

3x 99ovr Bookbags

3x 99ovr GamerBoxes

1x Valve VR Headset

top 50 dono raffle

Master Sword Replica

Super Star


Fire Plant

Emblems & Codes

Warframe Codes

Donations Exceeding $10:

3x Forma
1x Orokin Catalyst
1x Orokin Reactor
Exilus Warframe Adapter
Exilus Weapon Adapter
7 day Affinity Booster
GCX2023 Glyph

Destiny Emblems

Donations of $20

Spectral Sea

Donations of $60

Suspended Animation

GCX – bringing the gaming community together, on vacation.

Join us as we take over Orlando for the weekend. Kick back with friends, family, and the rest of the gaming community while you meet your favorite creators, play new games, enjoy amazing food, and celebrate nerd culture — all without ever having to leave your hotel.




The top 50 donors to the marathon will be entered into a raffle for these items.

For Codes and Emblems:

Individual donations may only select one incentive, which donors will be prompted to do. To receive additional incentives, such as a Warframe Code AND a Destiny Emblem, or BOTH Emblems, donors must make multiple contributions.

Become A Volunteer

Panel Application

Panel Category

  • Industry panels are led by official representatives of a company showcasing the company's past or upcoming work.
  • Community panels are focused on creators, fans, and the various communities and cultures related to GCX attendees, and also include attendee-run panels, workshops and gameshows.


By opting in to having your panel broadcasted (live-streamed or delayed-streamed), you agree that:

  • Your panel will be considered for the designated live-streamed stage (this does not guarantee your panel will be live-streamed)

  • If your panel is selected for this room, your panel may be broadcasted LIVE or DELAYED and available for VOD

  • All materials, panelists, and discussions will be broadcasted in their entirety -- there will be no exceptions made to allow broadcasting for specific sections of the panel only

  • The broadcast will not be interrupted for any portion of the panel

  • Your panel must consist of materials suitable for a G or PG-13 rating

  • You have the rights to all your panel materials suitable for broadcasting

  • Opting out of Livestream Broadcasting will not disqualify your panel, it helps us place it in the appropriate space

Content Creator Application

Thanks for your interest in a GCX Content Creator Pass. Applications for 2023 are closed.

Exhibitor Inquiry

Fill out this form if you’d like information on exhibiting at GCX!

Are you an Artist Alley Exhibitor?

Media application

Thanks for your interest in a GCX Media Pass. Promotion and coverage of our event is of the utmost importance to us as we continue to prove that #GamingDoesGood during our vacation focused gaming event. Please read below before proceeding with your application. Not everyone who applies will receive a complimentary Media Pass.

Media pass details

The GCX Media Pass is awarded to reputable media outlets in exchange for generating event coverage for our event, as well as our charitable efforts. It gives the holder general admission to the GCX floor from August 4 – 5.

application period

April 3, 2023 – July 3, 2023

Application Approvals

Responses will be sent as they are received and approved during the application period with the last approvals being sent by July 7, 2023.

Will Everyone Who Applies Receive A Pass?

We have a limited number of passes for our Media Outlets so not everyone who applies will receive one. Each applicant will be entitled to only one pass. Your pass does not allow entrance into our event for anyone else but the passholder.

Media Contact

If you have any general media inquiries, please contact us at gcx@raredrop.co


Sponsor Inquiry

Fill out this form if you’d like information on sponsoring a GCX Fundraising Initiative or Live Event Activation.

We’re currently creating personalized sponsorship opportunities for our partners and would like to speak with you, too!