August 16 & 17 2024

Cosplay at GCX

GCX’s Official Cosplay Contest is back for its second year!

Hosted by Sam Seum and Tatted Poodle, cosplayers of all skill levels
are invited to steal the spotlight and wow our judges and audience alike. Submissions are open now in either our presentation or intermediate/advanced categories.

Who will take home the prize?


Nerd and Needle



Stacy Roy

Actress & LEGO Master


Nichole Goodnight

Voice Actor

Contest Prizing

Performance Only

First Place – Custom Lego Build
Runner Up – GCX Swag Bag


First Place – $500
Runner Up – $250

GCX Cosplay Rules


  • Maximum dimensions for expansive costumes
    • Fixed wings with a span of 1m for each wing
    • Flexible wings (that can be put on and extended) with a maximum span of 2m for each wing when extended. Extension is only allowed for brief periods for photos with an adequate amount of surrounding space
    • Maximum height for costumes 3.2m
    • Trains and tails with a max length of 1m
  • Costumes that may be too revealing (meaning the upper body, groinal area, and posterior) must be covered adequately
  • Make-up and painting that is part of the costume may not rub off
  • Pieces of armor made of metal must be firmly attached to the body
  • Spiked bracelets and neck bands may not have spikes longer than 5cm and must be blunt
  • Metal chains may not be worn loosely and must be firmly attached to the costume
  • Imitation weapons made from rubber, cardboard, and soft materials
  • LARP weapons
  • Non-Functional bows without real strings to a max of 1.5m and quivers with arrow mock-ups
  • Imitation weapons and rods made from a combination of wood/plastic/soft material, if the amount of wood is not predominant
  • Projectile weapons of soft, flexible materials without a solid core
  • Riding crops shorter than 1m

Not Allowed

  • Airsoft, paintball, and “Gotcha” weapons, even when non-functional
  • Blank and gas guns
  • Real Ammunition
  • Pyrotechnics, explosives and fireworks
  • Throwing weapons (throwing knives, throwing stars, darts, etc.)
  • Cutting and stabbing weapons, whether with sharp or dull blades
  • Real swords and ornamental swords
  • Nunchakus
  • Arrows of all kinds, regardless of material
  • Rods or tubes made of wood, metal, fiberglass, and hard plastic
  • Riding crops longer than 1m, whips of all kinds
  • Tanto knives and ornamental sabers
  • Cosplays depicting or simulating nudity, or the lewd exposure of prosthetic or imitation genitals or breasts

GCX 2023

Cosplay Contest Rules

All Categories

  1. All participants must have a GCX badge (Attendee Pass, Exhibitor, Creator etc).
  2. All contestants must adhere to the GCX cosplay rules outlined above.
  3. All costumes must be derived from an existing fandom/published piece of media. Original characters will not be permitted.
  4. Costumes based on fanart, custom designs, or a design that deviates from the original source should reach out to gcx@raredrop.co to be considered for eligibility and avoid being misjudged for inaccuracy.
  5. Group entries are permitted, but should be kept within a theme (i.e., Villains group or various Final Fantasies); random characters from different series are discouraged.
  6. Groups may be no larger than 9 members.
  7. The use of makeup techniques, bodypaint, and/or bodysocks with the intent to alter your skin/features to resemble a real human race different from your own will not be permitted.
  8. Cosplayers will not be allowed to depict or simulate nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, specific sexual activities as those terms are defined in s. 847.001, lewd conduct, or the lewd exposure of prosthetic or imitation genitals or breasts
  9. This is a private event. We retain the right to deny entry into the contest if a cosplay is determined to be in violation of Florida law.

Presentation Only

  1. Entrants will be judged on performance and how well they embody the character, rather than craftsmanship.
    • Recommended for those new to cosplay competitions who may not yet be at the intermediate/advanced craftsmanship level.
  2. Purchased, commissioned or “closet cosplay” costumes will be permitted.
  3. Individual Performances are limited to 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  4. Group Performances are limited to 2 minutes and should be planned with this limit in mind.
  5. All presentations must be screened for general content.
    • Entrants may be asked for additional information or clarification. Content deemed inappropriate may be rejected or requested to be revised and given a window of time to be re-submitted.

Intermediate to Advanced

  1. Entrants will be judged on accuracy and craftsmanship of their cosplays.
    • Recommended for those with experience in cosplay and cosplay competition.
  2. Required if entrant or anyone in their group has won an intermediate or higher award at another event or works professionally in any way related to cosplay/costuming.
  3. All costumes and props must be at least 75% made from new or repurposed materials, by the entrant.
  4. Found/modified parts or props are allowed, though they must not comprise more than 25% of the whole costume and must be disclosed at time of judging.
    • Cosplays worn at other events will be permitted.